Case Manager - CS/In-Home Intervention (Lowndes County)

Lowndes, Alabama
MAMHA - Lowndes County - Authority Wide
Full Time
1st Shift




TITLE:                                  Case Manager In-Home Intervention Team Specialist – CS

                                                            (Lowndes County)


CLASSIFICATION:            Mental Health Specialist I


SALARY RANGE:              $27,239.00 - $41,447.00


SUPERVISOR:                     Director Children Services




This position involves providing direct in-home intervention for severely emotionally/behaviorally disturbed children and their families, as well as, those with serious emotional disturbance and mental retardation and their families. This employee is responsible for providing individual and family therapy with an in-home intervention therapist. The in-home team will have a maximum case load of four to six families for up to twenty weeks for each family. The team will also provide six to eight hours of weekly direct services to each family. The primary mission of the intervention is to reduce a crisis situation, institute a therapeutic process and prevent out of home placement of the child. Children are defined as anyone within the age range of six to nineteen.




Responsible for providing direct in-home therapy to four to six families for up to twenty weeks. This includes both individual and family therapy.


Responsible for completing all reports required for client records as well as forms and paperwork required by the Authority.


Assists in facilitating in-home therapy sessions and implements the treatment program with the in-home intervention therapist.


Works closely with the Department of Human Resources, Family Court and other professionals and agencies in the community in the selection of and treatment provided to children and their families.


Responsible for providing transportation to children and families when appropriate.


Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.




Knowledge of the special needs and behavioral characteristics of children with severe emotional/behavioral disturbance, as well as mental retardation, and their families.


Knowledge of psychotherapy principles and techniques.


Ability to organize and manage one's own activities with a minimum of direct supervision.





Mental Health Specialist I - (In-Home Intervention Team Specialist-CS/Lowndes County)


Knowledge of psychotropic medications to include their use and their side effects.


Ability to perform individual and family therapy to include behavior modification, RET, EPSDT, parental education and problem solving skills.


Ability to interact and communicate effectively with the in-home intervention therapist.


Knowledge of community and available resources.


Ability to work flexible hours due to the special needs of children and their families.


Participate on a rotating 24-hour on-call roster.

Participate in all Child and Adolescent In-Home Training.





Bachelor's Degree in psychology, social work or other related human services fields with an emphasis on clinical services for children and adolescents. Some experience working with serious emotional/behavioral disturbed children and their families, including those with mental retardation, and their families is preferred.


Must hold a Driver's License valid in Alabama and maintain a driving record that is acceptable to the Authority's insurance carrier. Must maintain liability coverage on personal vehicles.



Revised December 2017