IPS Supported Employment Supervisor

Montgomery, Alabama
MAMHA -Montgomery (Authority Wide
51,831.00  Annual
34,063.00  Annual
Full Time
1st Shift




TITLE:                                  IPS Supported Employment Supervisor


CLASSIFICATION:             Mental Health Specialist III


SALARY RANGE:              $34,063.00 - $51,831


SUPERVISOR:                     Clinical Director




Provides oversight to the IPS supported employment program. Ensures good program outcomes by providing training, supervision, and by working side-by-side with employment specialists (field mentoring).  Attempts to meet most people who receive IPS services.  Monitors outcomes and implements quality improvement plans.  Acts as a liaison to other departments and agencies.  Supervises up to ten employment specialists.  Provides IPS supported employment services for a caseload of 12 or 15 people.





Hires, trains, and evaluates employment specialists.  Develops expectations for specialists regarding employer contacts, number of job starts each quarter, and employment rate (percentage of people employed on each caseload).


Assigns each employment specialist to one or two mental health teams.  Attends each mental health treatment team monthly to enhance integrated services.


Conducts weekly group supervision following the principles of IPS supported employment.


Provides individual supervision for employment specialists.  Supervision includes some office-based sessions, as well working side-by-side with specialists.  Provides frequent (weekly or every other week) field mentoring for specialists who are new to their jobs, and those with outcomes that are less than desired.


Collects client outcomes on a monthly basis.  Shares outcomes for the program, as well as individual practitioners, with the IPS supported employment team each quarter.  Helps team members set goals for improvement.  Reviews individual outcomes with each practitioner and develops written plans for improvement.  Helps specialists refine their skills so they can improve outcomes.


Acts as a liaison to other department coordinators and administrators at the agency. Communicates regularly with mental health supervisors to ensure that services are integrated, to resolve issues, and to act as a proponent for employment.


Works with the office of Vocational Rehabilitation to coordinate services.  Requests monthly meetings between Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and IPS team members to discuss how to help people served by both agencies.


Arranges for IPS supported employment fidelity reviews.  Assists with the development of fidelity action plans based on recommendations from the fidelity report.


Leads or participates in steering committee meetings to help with IPS supported employment implementation and sustainability.








Ability to train, supervise and motivate program participants.


Ability to work cooperatively with representatives of other businesses and agencies in arranging placements.


Must have general knowledge of personnel practices.


Must have reliable transportation.


Must be willing to work weekends and nights if necessary.


Knowledge and ability as to how to develop action plans based on recommendations.






Master’s degree from a recognized college or university in rehabilitation counseling or related field is preferred.  Degree and experience must meet requirements of Medicaid for approved Medicaid Provider Status.  Previous experience in the mental health field is preferred.  Previous supervisory experience is valued.


Must hold a valid Alabama Driver’s License with a good driving record. Must maintain a driving record that is acceptable to the Authority's insurance carrier. Must maintain liability coverage on personal vehicles.


                                    May, 2017