Facility Custodian/Maintenance Tech I

Montgomery, Alabama
Maintenance Department
37,401.00  Hourly
24,580.00  Hourly
Full Time

                                                            JOB DESCRIPTION


TITLE:                                  Facility Maintenance Technician (Authority Wide)


CLASSIFICATION:                        Administrative Specialist II


SALARY RANGE:                          $24,580.00 - $37,401.00


SUPERVISOR:                     Property Manager



This is semi-skilled work involving the responsibility for the care and maintenance of the Mental Health Authority facilities and serving as a courier to transport materials to and from the various facilities.




Responsible for the maintenance and repair of the buildings, making minor repairs to the electrical, plumbing and heating equipment of the buildings, installing locks, performing minor carpentry tasks, replacing light bulbs, installing switches, replacing fuses, replacing washers, and faucets, freeing clogged drains, repairing broken windows, etc.


Maintain grounds around Authority facilities keeping them clear of trash and weeds.


Perform cleaning duties when necessary.


Transport materials and supplies to and from all facilities on scheduled basis.


Monitor and report any condition/situation which may be hazardous to staff and/ or clients, or which may cause building deterioration or defacing of physical appearance of facility in general. 


Perform related work as assigned by the supervisor.





Knowledge of the maintenance and minor repairs of heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical and electrical fixtures.


Some knowledge of carpentry.


Skill in the use of hand tools.


Ability to detect common causes of trouble in electrical, plumbing, and heating equipment.





Facility Maintenance Technician (Authority Wide)




Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.


Sufficient physical strength to perform a variety of manual tasks.


Ability to drive an automobile and keep it in good working order.




Must have a High School diploma or equivalent.  Need to have attended a Vocational school and/or have some experience in routine building maintenance tasks.  Must be bondable.  Must have transportation to get to satellite offices, if needed.  Must hold a driver’s license valid in Alabama with a good driving record. Must maintain a driving record that is acceptable to the Authority's insurance carrier. Must maintain liability insurance coverage on personal vehicle.