Case Manager HUD

Montgomery, Alabama
MAMHA - Montgomery County
1st Shift




TITLE:                                  Case Manager -HUD


CLASSIFICATION:             Mental Health Specialist I


SALARY RANGE:              $27,239.00 - $41,447.00


SUPERVISOR:                     Director, Case Management Services




This is responsible professional work as a direct services provider and an information and referral agent for targeted populations that are considered to be seriously mentally ill.




Identify eligible individuals.


Complete referral information including name and a problem statement.


Visit referred persons and determine needs by conversing with the individual.


Complete a SUN Assessment Form on each client utilizing information gained from the client and/or a significant other.


Determine resources that would meet the needs identified in the SUN Assessment by contacting provider sources, public and private, both in and out of the catchment area.


Prepare a plan for the provision of community mental health services to the targeted individual involved and review such plan not less that once every three months.


Provide assistance in obtaining and coordinating social and maintenance services for the individual, including services relating to daily living activities, transportation services, habilitation and rehabilitation services, prevocational and vocational services, and housing services.


Assist the individual in obtaining income support services, including housing assistance, food stamps, and supplemental security income benefits.


Refer the individual for such other services as may be appropriate.


Provide representative payee services in accordance with section 1631 (a)(2) of the Social Security Act if the Individual is receiving aid under title XVI of such Act.







Case Manager -HUD


Provide after hours on-call services as scheduled.


Transport clients to services, as well as conduct outreach visits.


Participate in training activities as required by the Authority to increase and enhance professional and therapeutic skills.


Complete reports required for client records as well as all forms and paperwork required by the Agency including Daily Service Reports and other forms as needed.


Perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.




Be certified as a case manager.


Knowledge of the special needs and behavioral characteristics of the targeted, chronically mentally ill.


Knowledge of interviewing techniques and principles.


Skills in interpersonal relationships and group dynamics.


Ability to operate a motor vehicle, with a valid Alabama Driver's License and a good driving record.


Knowledge of the use and side effects of psychotropic medication.


Knowledge of the legal and ethical issues relative to confidentiality of client records.


Knowledge of casework principles and methods related to counseling.


Ability and willingness to document activities and maintain records.


Ability and willingness to provide mental health services in non-traditional settings and non-traditional work hours.




Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science or related field from a recognized college or university. Some experience preferred. Must meet requirements of Medicaid for approved Medicaid Provider Status.


Must hold a valid Alabama Driver's License and maintain a driving record that is acceptable to the Authority's insurance carrier. Must maintain liability coverage on personal vehicles.


Revised October, 2014