Montgomery, Alabama
MAMHA - Montgomery
3RD SHIFT/11:00 P.M./7:30 - Monday/Saturday




TITLE:                                              Mental Health Tech - CRU


CLASSIFICATION:                                    Mental Health Worker I


SALARY RANGE:                          $19,760.00 - $30,067.00


SUPERVISOR:                                 Director, Crisis Residential Unit (and Nurse on duty for                                                                   day to day assignments/tasks)




This is responsible work providing individual care and wide awake supervision of residents in a crisis residential setting.




Monitor residents in matters of grooming, money management, discipline and social activities.


Assist in the arrangement for proper emergency medical care of residents when needed.


Routinely monitor and ensure facility safety and upkeep, assuring a suitable environment for residents.


Assist in the restraining of residents who are acting in and out of control manner upon proper authority to restrain.


Perform housekeeping functions in all areas of the Unit and supervise residents in personal housekeeping activities.


Complete routine maintenance chores and see that equipment is maintained and in good working order.


Assist when needed in providing necessary personal care services including bathing, feeding, dressing and other general care duties.


Observe the behavior, attitudes and physical condition of residents and report significant changes.


Escort residents to appointments or activities as needed.


Transport residents to appointments or activities as needed if authorized by the Program Director.





Mental Health Tech - CRU


Participate in training activities as required to enhance skills needed to work with the seriously mentally ill.


Supervise residents' daily schedule for meals, housekeeping duties and other activities.


Monitor and comply with established procedures for accidents, fires or other emergencies.


Ensure compliance with facility rules.


Complete reports and paperwork as assigned.


Perform related duties as assigned by supervisor.




Some knowledge of behavioral patterns and problems of the mentally ill.


Ability to develop skills necessary to provide basic supervision and care.


Ability and physical capability to assist in the restraining of clients acting in an out of control manner.


Sufficient physical strength and mobility to help lift and support residents.


Knowledge of housekeeping procedures and facility maintenance.


Ability to effectively relate to and communicate with the seriously mentally ill.

Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.



Graduation from high school or equivalent. Some experience in supervising or providing care to individuals who are disadvantaged, emotionally or physically ill and/or behaviorally maladjusted.

If authorized to transport, must hold a valid Alabama Driver's License with a good driving record. Must maintain a driving record that is acceptable to the Authority's insurance carrier.


Must secure and maintain current MAC Training, Red Cross First Aid, CPI and CPR Certificates.  Must hold a valid Alabama Driver's License and maintain a driving record that is acceptable to the Authority's insurance carrier. Must maintain liability coverage on personal vehicles.

 August 2016