Montgomery, Alabama
MAMHA - Montgomery
51,831.00  Annual
34,063.00  Annual
Full Time
1st Shift

                                                            JOB DESCRIPTION



TITLE:                                  Intensive Day Treatment Director


CLASSIFICATION:                        Mental Health Specialist III


SALARY RANGE:              $34,063.00 - $51,831.00


SUPERVISOR:                     Clinical Director




This is responsible professional work in the field of Mental Health in a Day Treatment setting. Day Treatment (Partial Hospitalization) is an intensive treatment modality that deals with clients in acute phases of mental illness, as an alternative to 24-hour hospitalization or as a transition from 24-hour care back into the home and community.




Assume case responsibility of designated clients needing Intensive Day Treatment and Supportive Treatment services.


Provide supervision for program staff, coordinating their activities and directing their actions.


Be responsible for implementing treatment plans for individual clients.


Assure continuity of services for clients coming into or leaving Intensive Day Treatment.


Accept or reject referrals form other Center programs.


Determine the appropriateness of transfer of clients back to outpatient or to an inpatient setting.


Coordinate Intensive Day Treatment services with all other programs.


Participate in training activities to increase therapeutic skills and to become more knowledgeable in methods and techniques used in the care of Intensive Day Treatment clients.


Complete reports required for clients' records as well as all forms and paperwork required by the Authority according to Center policies/procedures.


Be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vans used for transporting Intensive Day Treatment clients, as well as for food budget, imprest fund, and other program expenditures.





Intensive Day Treatment Director


Transport clients via Center vans as needed.


Ensure that the clients' treatment plans are reviewed for disposition at the designated time.




Ability to utilize various treatment modalities including individual, family and group therapies.


Ability to utilize recreational, occupational, and activities therapies.


Demonstrate basic awareness and use of research techniques for the purpose of program/client evaluation.


Considerable knowledge of dynamics and pathology of human behavior.


Ability to administer and develop budgets.


Ability to train, supervise and motivate staff.


Ability to use good communication skills, both written and verbal.


Knowledge of psychotropic drugs, their use, misuse, desirable and undesirable effects.




Graduation from a recognized college or university with a Master's Degree in Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Nursing or related field with a minimum of three years supervised clinical experience beyond the Master's Degree.  Must be licensed or license eligible.  If license eligible, must have LGSW or ALC credentials within three months of hire date. Degree and experience must meet requirements of Medicaid for approved Medicaid Provider Status.


Some administrative experience would be helpful.


Must hold a driver’s license valid in Alabama with a good driving record. Must maintain a driving record that is acceptable to the Authority's insurance carrier.


Revised August 2016